Thiết bị hồ bơi

Bình Lọc Cát Hồ Bơi Waterco

COMMERCIAL TOP MOUNT FILTERS The effect of deep media bed improves the filtration efficiency over standard high-rate filters by providing enhanced in-depth filtration and increased dirt capacity.The filter’s 500mm...
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Máy Bơm Hồ Bơi Waterco

HYDROSTORM ECO-VARIABLE SPEED PUMP Hydrostorm ECO-V Pump Energy Saving Variable 3 Speed Pump Equipped with an energy saving Variable 3 speed motor, Hydrostorm ECO-V is capable of lowering its...
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Máy điện phân

CHEMFLO PH & ORP CONTROLLER ChemFlo automatic control systems measure and precisely control set levels of sanitiser (chlorine) and pH balance (acid) through feedback from inline sensors. This ensures...
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Đèn hồ bơi

BRITESTREAM LED LIGHT Britestream LED Light utillises energy efficient super bright LED’s are capable of delivering 352 lumens of light* and operates on only 15 watts of energy.• Energy...
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