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Hydrostorm ECO-Variable Speed Pump

Hydrostorm ECO-V Pump

Energy Saving Variable 3 Speed Pump

Equipped with an energy saving Variable 3 speed motor, Hydrostorm ECO-V is capable of lowering its energy usage and reducing its operating noise levels.

  • Energy Rating of 8 Stars
  • Variable brushless DC motor
  • Energy savings of up to 82%
  • Ultra quiet operation

Energy Saving

A pool filtration system does not require to be operated at a pump’s maximum water flow rate as with the use of a conventional pool pump limited to one speed. In fact, your

pool’s filtration efficiency improves at lower flow rates.

As a pool’s filtration cycle occupies 99% of the run time of a pool pump, you can operate the Hydrostorm ECO-V on its low (ECO) speed setting for a majority of its running time, leading to a potential 82% savings in energy. Equipped with the very latest variable 3 speed permanent magnet brushless DC motor, Hydrostorm ECO-V is capable of lowering its motor speed, reducing water flow and lowering its energy consumption.




Hydrostar Commercial Pump
Built with an innovative quarter lid & lock ring and extra large strainer basket, the Hydrostar is ideal for large domestic and commercial sized swimming pools.

  • 80mm/3″ quick connect unions
  • 6 litre strainer basket
  • Protected by secondary seal
  • Available in 4.0hp, 5.0hp,6.0hp & 7.0hp
  • 1 year warranty (Please refer to Waterco’s warranty terms & conditions)



The Hydrotuf is equipped with an innovative lid and lock ring for easy access to a large capacity 2.25L strainer basket, minimising pump maintenance. This pump is ideal for large domestic swimming pools with systems such as heating, infloor cleaning, vacuum cleaning, fountains and swim jets (1.00hp to 2.00hp)



Standard Airflo Blower
Enjoy the soothing effects of powerful, invigorating bubbles in your spa without excess equipment noise. Waterco’s spa blower’s compact design enables installation in smaller areas and tight corners. The convenient position of the mounting base and air inlet/outlets reduces installation time.The Airflo version has Air Inletholes throughout the BottomCowl, while the Whisper airmodels draw all the required air in through gaps around the perimeter of the bottom cowl

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Hi-flow air movement
  • Compact design
  • Variable mounts
  • Integral thermal cutout